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Why Sing

“This was the best part of pregnancy” – Dana

Why Sing

“This was the best part of pregnancy” – Dana


“Womb Song is hands down my favorite prenatal class….” – AS

“…The warmth of the leaders, mutual support and open hearts of the other participants, makes for a deeply nurturing and nourishing experience every single time. I always feel GREAT afterwards! The varied songs are simple and ideal for quickly teaching to others, and I am sure I will be singing many of them to my baby for years to come. I think the saying “If you can walk, you can dance; if you can talk, you can sing!” fits perfectly here, because the emphasis is not on performance or perfection, but rather on community and love. I was a little nervous before going, thinking it might be too “hippie dippie” for me, but it is simple and straightforward and welcoming. I recommend Womb Song to all pregnant women and birth workers!”- AS

“Words can’t describe how grateful I am for the space you help create….” DN

“…(not to mention the magic) with Womb Song. Gathering with other women to lift each other up in song has truly saved my life these last few months and given me permission to feel and share what’s in my heart.” – DN, on her journey to conceive

“Forget the other stuff, let’s just sing!” – C, Doula

“Dear Womb Song, I just gave birth to my amazing little boy and I honestly couldn’t have done it without you! There were moments during my 42, yes 42, hour labor that I wasn’t sure how I could keep going on. I had the music of Womb Song with me and I was listening to the recordings during intense moments of my birth. One moment in particular I was feeling that I couldn’t take anymore and my whole body seemed to be coming apart…as I listening to the Hallow Bamboo song and went back to the circle of women in my mind, I found my place of strength again and was able to get through that trying time. Thank you for being there for me!” -MK

“I was listening to my Wombsong recording when (baby) came into the world,…”

“…it was a wonderful thing to hear and to feel all your support and to focus on that while looking into my husband’s eyes, and then hearing her first cry. Thank you so much for creating this nurturing safe space for us!” -VB, breech baby born by c-section

“If I had not been to Womb Song,
I would never have thought to sing in my labor.
I sang the whole time and it was such a great birth!” –FD, mom of 2

Singing Into Motherhood

Our co-founder, Amanda West, wrote a chapter for a book called The Music of Motherhood: History, Healing and Activism, published by Demeter Press
Her research was deeply inspired by experiences co-leading Womb Song circles. 
Why Sing
Purchase the book and full chapter here: